ACLU Filed Motion To Block Trump Citizenship Question Executive Action


Trump is trying to get around the Supreme Court with executive action on Census citizenship question, but the ACLU already filed a preemptive motion to block Trump.

The ACLU Is Ready To Block Trump’s Citizenship Question Executive Action

ACLU Voting Right Project Director Dale Ho told MSNBC, “We have a pending motion in the lawsuit we filed to permanently prevent the administration from adding a citizenship question based on their repeated representations that June 30th was the, quote, drop-dead date for changes to the census questionnaire. So that motion is going to be heard in federal court in about a week and a half. There’s pending proceedings in the federal court in Maryland about whether or not this attempt by the administration was motivated by a desire to weaken the political influence of Hispanic communities. Yes, I think if the administration does, in fact, come forward with a new decision, Trump adding a citizenship question you’ll see more action by the ACLU.”



Trump executive action is an admission that he has no valid reason for including the citizenship question in the Census. The president is going to try an end around, but his executive order is going to result in more court cases and delay. The Census is being printed right now. It is possible if his executive action dragged out in court that the forms could already be mailed before the case is decided.

The House has promised to block any funding for a Trump Census do-over, so Trump won’t have the funds to do another Census.
This is a presidential tantrum that is going nowhere. Trump’s executive action is going to backfire on him and prevent the citizenship question from being included in the Census.

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