Cory Booker Calls Out Trump’s Cave and Failure On Citizenship Question

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) cut through the BS and called Trump’s cave on the Census citizenship question a rank failure.

Cory Booker Calls Out Trump’s Cave On Citizenship Question

Booker said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

This was another rank failure of his echoing back to when he set up a commission to study all the so-called illegal voters and millions of people that illegally voted in his campaign. This is a pattern of his where he’s attempted to do things, gets stopped by the courts, public outcries even people within his own party. This was a cynical attempt at the start and now he’s still standing in the Rose Garden talking about terrorizing immigrant communities, separating families, tearing away business owners and you know parents and grandparents.

This immigration policy is all about fear and his attempts to inject fear into our culture. To suppress the count and a constitutionally mandated count in the Census and give himself some kind of political advantage by playing from the same playbook that we’ve seen throughout our history by demagogues. We had an entire political party that rose up using the same language as there is president but then they were against Irish and Italian immigrants. Then it was the Know Nothing Party. We are a nation of immigrants. It makes us stronger.


Trump lost on the Census Citizenship Question

Trump lost. It is that simple. The Census citizenship question was decided as soon as the Supreme Court ruled against him. The rest of what the President has put the nation through has been a cover-up for his defeat. Trump caved and needed something to hide his defeat, so the administration cooked up this executive order on data sharing. It is an effort to dilute the Census and give Republicans another avenue to rig elections.
It is all over. There will be no citizenship question on the Census. Trump has been defeated.

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