Joe Biden Shows Trump How A President Is Supposed To Defend America


Former vice president Joe Biden drilled Trump for humiliating America with the most shameful performance in presidential history.

Joe Biden Calls Trump Shameful

Biden said during his foreign policy speech in New York, “I knew when I saw Donald Trump respond to the events in Charlottesville assigning a moral equivalence between those who promoted hate and those who opposed it that the threat to our democracy was unlike any time, at least in my lifetime. Less than a year later, Trump again stood before the press, this time on foreign soil in Helsinki and repeatedly deferred to Vladamir Putin over American interests, the American intelligence community, and I would argue the American people’s interests. I think it was one of the most shameful performances by a US president in modern history, and one where we saw repeated again last month at the G20 summit where Trump smirked along with Putin making a joke out of Russia’s very real and very dangerous assault on our electoral institutions.”



Joe Biden is hitting Trump’s weak spots

The former vice president knows where all of Trump’s weaknesses are and he is hitting the biggest ones. The 2020 election is going to be about issues, but not policy. The issue that will be front and center is Donald Trump, and the question will be, does America want four more years of this man as president? Trump is not going to be able to make the election about the Democratic nominee.

Trump’s lack of character and non-concern about the struggles of everyday Americans are going to be major themes in 2020. Joe Biden makes the argument against Trump with gravitas and conviction. It is his best asset as a candidate, and if he is the nominee, it will be Trump’s biggest problem.

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