Trump Admits That His Executive Order Is About Rigging Elections For Republicans


Trump admitted during his news conference on his citizenship executive order that the purpose of his action is to rig elections for Republicans.

Trump admitted that his executive order is about election rigging

Trump said, “The Census Bureau can use this information along with information collected through the questionnaire to create the official census. In other words, as a result of today’s executive order, we will be able to ensure the 2020 Census generates an accurate count of how many citizens, noncitizens, and illegal aliens are in the United States of America. Not too much to ask. This will greatly inform a wide array of public policy decisions. This information is also relevant to administering our elections. Some states may want to draw state and local legislative districts based upon the voter eligible population. Indeed, the same day the Supreme Court handed down the census decision, it also said it would not review certain types of districting decisions, which could encourage states to make such decisions based on voter eligibility.”



Trump’s executive order has nothing to do with accurate counts, voting rights, or any of the other bogus pretexts that the administration is putting out there. This is all about suppressing votes and rigging elections through gerrymandering for Republicans.

Donald Trump is trying to dilute the Census with some cooked up homebrew data that he wants Republicans to use as a basis to help them win elections. Trump isn’t going to be able to gerrymander US House districts, but he is still trying to rig elections big and small for Republicans for years to come.

The GOP can’t win on ideas, so they are going to cheat.

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