Mueller Testimony Delayed As Democrats Want More Time For Questions

Robert Mueller’s testimony was delayed for a week until July 24, because Democrats are negotiating for an extra hour to question the former special counsel.

Robert Mueller Testimony Delayed

Politico reported:
The House Judiciary and Intelligence committees have been negotiating to give lawmakers more time to question the former special counsel. Under the tentative agreement, which was described to POLITICO by lawmakers briefed on the talks, the Judiciary Committee would be granted an extra hour to question Mueller.

That concern was particularly acute for the 41-member Judiciary Committee. As initially planned, each committee would have had just two hours to question Mueller, and more junior lawmakers on the Judiciary panel — including all of its freshman members — would have been shut out. Republicans spent Thursday and Friday slamming Democrats for cutting a deal that did not allow all committee members to question Mueller.

It is not uncommon for negotiations to continue as the details of a witness’s testimony are worked out. Michael Cohen’s testimony was detailed as hearing details were worked out. A bigger problem is Barr’s effort to block members of Robert Mueller’s team from testifying. The Judiciary Committee is huge, and members need all of the time that they can get to ask questions of the most important witness in the Russia scandal.

Even if Mueller does nothing but read from his own report, it will be a riveting day of television.

The details will get worked out with Mueller. The former special counsel will appear, and the American people will finally get informed on the Mueller report that 97% of them have not read.

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