Trump Is Golfing As ICE Prepares To Wreak More Havoc On Immigrant Families

As the Trump administration prepares a new round of raids targeting immigrant families in major American cities, the president hit the golf course.

According to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, Trump arrived at his national golf club in Virginia on Saturday morning.

As Griffin pointed out, this is the president’s 204th (!!!) day at one of his golf clubs and 271st day (!!!) at one of his properties.

If you’re keeping score at home, this means that Donald Trump has spent nearly one-quarter of his presidency golfing. For a president who pledged not to golf if he was elected, that’s a lot of time spent practicing his chip shot.

The backdrop: mass ICE raids and kids in cages

Trump’s latest golf outing falls against a disturbing backdrop, which we’ve seen playing out over the past several weeks.

On the southern border, we continue to see more images of families, particularly women and children, crammed into cages at inhumane border camps. There have even been reports of border agents sexually assaulting the migrant detainees.

Vice President Mike Pence observed these unspeakable conditions on the southern border on Friday, but he took his cues from the president and promptly blew them off.

Oh, and a hurricane is hitting the Gulf Coast

If the humanitarian crisis caused by the Trump administration wasn’t enough, there is also a major storm – Hurricane Barry – hitting the Gulf Coast at this hour. The hurricane is expected to bring dangerous flooding to the impacted areas.

As I noted earlier, Trump was so focused on spewing right-wing garbage on Twitter Saturday morning that he barely made mention of the storm wreaking havoc in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Right-wing media, including Trump, would repeatedly attack former president Barack Obama for golfing, whether or not they were simultaneous major events playing out elsewhere in the country.

Donald Trump is now hitting the fairway in the midst of two major crises – one he created and another that his policies are making worse – and the same people who used to attack Barack Obama are silent.

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