Chuck Schumer Storms The Senate Floors And Blasts GOP Silence On Trump’s Racism

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) unloaded on Senate Republicans for staying silent on Trump’s racism.

Schumer said:

Whatever the reason, whatever the motivation, the president’s comments demand condemnation from all corners of the political spectrum, all corners. But it’s become frightfully common for many of my Republican colleagues to let these moments sail by without saying even a word. Republican leadership especially rarely criticizes the president directly, even in a situation like this that so clearly merits it. So I’m left to wonder if the silence of many Republicans in the wake of President Trump’s xenophobic tweets is out of embarrassment or agreement. Embarrassment or agreement both are inexcusable.

Some of my Republican colleagues are hoping that the president realizes the error of his ways, they said. Disavows or deletes his tweets from yesterday. But the president just walked out of the White House a few hours ago and doubled down on his racist comments. My Republican friends, he’s not backing off. Where are you? When something this serious, this bigoted, this unamerican happens. If you’re saying to yourselves, well, he got us our big tax cut, well, he’s taking regulations off big corporations, well, he pulled out of the Paris Accords.

We have to go along with this racism? You’re making a deal with the devil. It’s so wrong, so wrong. The President Of The United States is supposed to bring this country together. It’s clear this president won’t, doesn’t want to, and revels in dividing us. No American president has done this. No American president has resorted to open and bold-faced bigotry so often. His goal, president trump’s goal, sadly, is not to unite but to divide. That’s how he’s climbed the ladder politically.


Chuck Schumer linked Republicans to Trump’s racism

Democratic tactics have changed. Republicans will never be shamed into disavowing Trump, so Democrats are joining Republicans at the hip to toxic Trump. Schumer’s message was that if you stay silent on Trump’s racism, that’s the same as supporting it. Speaker Pelosi is going to force Republicans to go on the record as supporting Trump’s racism with a vote on a resolution condemning the president.

Republicans can’t sweep this under the rug, as Democrats are making the GOP own their racist and unpopular president.

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