CNN Can’t Find Any Republicans Who Will Criticize Trump’s Racism On TV

CNN put out a public plea for any Republican member of Congress to come on the air and criticize Trump’s racism, and they couldn’t find anyone.

CNN’s John Berman tweeted:

Republicans refuse to stand up to Trump’s racism

CNN found no takers. Republican members of Congress are so terrified of Donald Trump that they would not go on national television and criticize blatant racism against their own congressional colleagues. This sort of cowardice is why Donald Trump is in the White House today. Republicans were too afraid to stand up to and stop Trump during the 2016 Republican primary. They are terrified of trying to put any checks on him at all out of fear that he will tweet about and primary them.

Republicans lack courage. They lack the personal courage to denounce racism coming from the White House. They lack the courage as a party to stand up to a president who represents the worst and darkest impulses of the country, and they lack the courage to put the nation ahead of their own ambitions.

Republicans won’t oppose Trump on racism, which means that there is a less than zero chance of them ever convicting Trump and removing him from office.

Donald Trump is a problem, but the bigger issue is that the Republican Party has been reduced to a spineless puddle that will always put America last.

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