Nicolle Wallace Refuses To Read Or Show Trump’s Racist Attacks

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace refused to show Trump’s racist, sexist, and xenophobic attacks against four female members of the House.

Nicolle Wallace refuses to show or read Trump’s racist attacks

Wallace said, “Republicans who have hardly been profiles in courage today found just over a dozen of their members break rank and slowly, timidly, begin to call out Donald Trump’s flagrant bellicose racist attacks against four female members of Congress. We made a decision on this show not to amplify trump’s attacks by showing them or even reading them here, but it should surprise no one that they’re false and that they serve as ugly reminders of Donald Trump’s xenophobia, misogyny, and racism.”


The racist attacks are central to Trump’s reelection strategy

Trump’s behavior is not an accident. He is going to run the ugliest presidential reelection campaign in US history. Trump is going to use every second of his campaign to fan flames of bigotry and division. Trump’s attack on four non-white members of the House was intentional. He started out trying to divide the Democratic Party, but he quickly shifted his focus to using the four women to scare and motivate his base.

There is no reason to repeat Trump’s tweets from Sunday. Not only were they racist, but they were also factually inaccurate.

Democrats are using Trump’s own tweets to link Trump to House and Senate Republicans. Trump has created a big problem by using racism to make the appeal of his party even smaller.

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