Trump Throws A Fit And Blames Democrats For His Racism


Donald Trump is blaming Democrats for his racist attack on non-white congresswomen while trying to embrace Israel.

Trump blames Democrats for his racism

Trump tweeted:


Trump is mad that instead of dividing Democrats, he unified them.

Donald Trump is a one trick pony of a president. When he is caught spewing his racism and hate, he immediately blames his critics and demands an apology from them. Most US Jewish voters are Democrats, so Trump isn’t politically gaining by appealing to them with talk about Israel. Trump thinks that he can paint Democrats as a radical racist party, as he is trying to distract from the radical racism that is running wild in his Republican Party.

Donald Trump is a racist

As Rev. Al Sharpton said on his MSNBC show, the president is a racist. Trump can tantrum on Twitter, and it won’t change the reality of the situation. Trump tried to use his racism and hate to divide the Democratic Party, and it failed. He brought Democrats back together by reminding them of the singular common goal of removing the racist from the Oval Office.

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