Chris Matthews Tells GOP Reps Defending Trump’s Racism To ‘Stay Away From The Lincoln Memorial’

Even though a bipartisan majority of lawmakers voted to formally condemn Donald Trump’s racism on Tuesday, the vast majority of Republicans stood by the president.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews had advice for these spineless GOP lawmakers: “Stay away from the Lincoln Memorial.”

Matthews made the remarks during a discussion with two Democratic members of Congress, Reps. David Cicilline and Ted Lieu.

“It’s a shameful day,” Rep. Cicilline said after slamming the GOP lawmakers who refused to condemn Trump’s racism and even attempted to scrub House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words from the House record after she called the president’s comments “racist.”

“Yeah, they should stay away from the Lincoln Memorial,” Matthews said.


The exchange:

REP. CICILLINE: Bad enough you don’t have the courage, that you’re a coward who won’t stand up for American principles of equality and diversity and all the things that have made this country strong, but then you want to take down the words of the Speaker because she spoke the truth? It’s a shameful day.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, they should stay away from the Lincoln Memorial.

History will not be kind to today’s Republican Party

The modern Republican Party’s refusal to stand up to Trump – even when he spews the most racist and dangerous rhetoric – has only cemented the sad legacy they will leave behind.

They may believe it makes sense in the short term to stand by this president and the loud minority of the country that supports him, but they are alienating the majority of the country.

And in doing so, they are ensuring that history will look back on this day as another shameful example of how the Republican Party sold out American values to appease a dangerous president.

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