House Democrats Move To Censure Trump For Un-Presidential And Un-American Language

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has introduced a resolution to censure Trump for un-American and un-presidential language after his racist attacks on four non-white House Democrats.

Democrats move to censure Trump

H. Res. 490 condemns Trump for his racist and xenophobic comments. The resolution is co-sponsored by Representatives Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Pressley and by Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, Yvette Clarke of New York, Joaquin Castro of Texas, Mark DeSaulnier of California and Pramila Jayapal of Washington.

Rep. Cohen said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “The President’s comments about American citizen Members of Congress were outrageous. His willingness to offend American tradition and sensibilities to rile his base is unacceptable and this resolution says so. People need to understand that the President has crossed a red line in his chaotic commentary. Congress must censure him for this un-American and un-Presidential language.”

Democrats will also introduce a resolution condemning Trump for his attacks on the congresswomen.

A censure resolution is a formal rebuke of the president. It is stronger than a resolution condemning the president, and for practical purposes, it is a stronger step that calls more attention to Trump’s behavior and forces Republicans to break their silence on Trump’s racism with a formal vote.

Censure is an important step that will be remembered by history.

Impeachment is a DOA activity in the Senate, but the House can pass a censure motion with a simple majority.

With Democrats in control of the House, Republicans no longer have the luxury of staying silent and letting Trump’s racism blow over.

Every Republican vote against these resolutions will be noted by the American people as a vote for racism.

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