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Kellyanne Conway Goes On Racist Rant And Questions Reporter’s Ethnicity

When a reporter questioned Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s racist attack on non-white House Democrats, she responded by asking the reporter’s ethnicity.

Kellyanne Conway Questions Reporter’s Ethnicity

Reporter Andrew Feinberg tweeted his exchange with Conway:

Just after Conway claimed that Trump wasn’t telling the four women to go back to their home countries, which three of the four were born in the US, she asked a reporter his ethnicity, as if that matters to the question that was being asked.

In over fifteen years of covering politics, at the highest levels of the United States, I have never heard a government official question the ethnicity of a reporter. The ethnicity of the person asking the question is never relevant.

Kellyanne Conway confirmed that Trump’s attack on The Squad was all about racism. It has nothing to do with communism, socialism, and other isms that the Republican Party dreams up as a cover story.

Racism is running wild in the Trump White House

Trump’s racism is visible to the entire country through the way migrants are being treated along the Southern border. The wheels have completely come off. No more guardrails are limiting Trump. His racism is running rampant, and his loyal mouthpieces like Kellyanne Conway are parroting it. It took more than two years, but Trump is showing his true colors in undeniably apparent ways, and now he is using the platform provided by the presidency as a racist bully pulpit.

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