Trump Tries To Get The Media To Spread His Racist Attacks And Lies

After a cabinet meeting, Trump asked the media to help him spread his lies and racist attacks against four House Democratic women.

Trump tries to get the media to spread his racism and lies

Trump responded when asked if he would stop telling US citizens to go back to their home countries, “I think it is terrible when people speak so badly about our country when people speak so horribly. I have a list of things here. Ism’ not going to bore you with it because you would be bored and wouldn’t write it anyway. I have a list of things here said by the congresswomen that is so bad, so horrible, that I almost don’t want to read it, it’s so bad. I think what you do is you have the same list I do. You should repeat some of that. When the Democrats didn’t want to mention the name of the congresswoman, not so long ago, and what they did and the way they’re treating Israel, is a disgrace. But not only Israel. It’s what they say about our country. It’s my opinion they hate our country. And that’s not good. It’s not acceptable.”


Trump was trying to get the press to take the bait by holding up a piece of paper with supposed quotes, but not reading it to the reporters. The video shows the President Of The United States trying to use the free press to spread racism. Racial division was a key piece of the Trump election strategy in 2016. Even though it failed the Republicans in 2018, Trump is going to go even deeper into that darkest underbelly of America in 2020.

Journalists aren’t buying it, even with the White House bullying and asking reporters about their ethnicity, Trump is having his racism called out.

Donald Trump can’t make the media legitimize and spread his racism, which is the president can’t stand the free press.