Eric Trump Claims 95% Of The Country Is Racist Just Like Trump

Eric Trump went on Fox News to claim that 95% of the country agrees with his dad’s racist tweets.

Eric Trump first proclaimed his love for his dad’s racist tweets, “I love the tweet, if you don’t love our country, leave. I’m not saying America doesn’t have certain problems. Go see the conditions around the world and you’ll be so fortunate you live here. We are blessed to live in this country.”

He also implied that 95% of America is racist, and they agree with Trump’s views:

Trump said, “Guys, I’m telling you. 95% of the country is behind him in this message. People love this nation.”

Eric Trump Called 95% of America Racist

95% of America doesn’t support Trump on anything. The dangerous message that Trump delivered was that racism is mainstream and 95% of the country agree with Trump’s tweets. This is not true, but the Trump family is mainstreaming racism, and treating anyone who opposing racism as hating America.

Eric Trump thinks that the country agrees with the Trump family. Delusion is a family trait. While these racist attacks only endear Trump more to his base, the rest of the country is dug in against him.

Donald Trump isn’t trying to win new voters. He is out to remake America in his own racist image.

Eric Trump went beyond lying and expressed a statement of belief because racist America is all the Trumps see.