Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump’s All White Rally Crowd Chanting Send Her Back At Rep. Omar

Rachel Maddow pointed out that Trump held a virtually all-white rally in Greenville, NC, which is one-third African-American, and the crowd engaged in racist chants.

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Trump’s All-White Racist Rally Crowd

Maddow said:

It has been another crazy day of the president doubling and tripling down on his latest racist outrage gambit, not only continuing, but escalating on four young minority female members of Congress, calling them un-American and anti-American and continuing to suggest they should leave the country and leave the United States and go back to where they came from, even though they are all proud American citizens and duly elected citizens of the United States. Within the last hour, the president upped the ante dramatically at an all-white rally he held in Greenville, North Carolina. Even though Greenville, North Carolina is about a third African-American by population. This is an all-white or almost all-white rally that the president is holding. At the rally tonight, he continued pressing attacks on these young minority congresswomen, attacks he is so delighted as racist attacks, tonight he escalated and this is what he whipped up in that crowd.


Send her back. Send her back is what they were saying. The president is standing before the all-white crowd, almost all-white crowd basking in the send her back chants on a nonwhite member of congress. A Muslim member of congress. It is probably not possible to know definitively if this is just the newest crazy to erupt from our erratic president or deliberately crazy and timed for a specific purpose. Is this specifically designed to get everyone hanging on to his every word because our moral fiber will be shredded if we let this go without protesting?


Maddow raised a good point. Even if this is nothing more than Trump’s latest attention-getting device, it can’t be ignored because racism is so toxic and dangerous that it will get innocent people killed. Trump wants to have a fight about race because he believes that the United States is a white and racist country.

Trump is enabling and empowering racists all across the country.

These all-white crowds chanting racist attacks are a lynch mob waiting to happen, and Donald Trump is fanning the flames.

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