Trump Busted Partying With Jeffrey Epstein In Found NBC Footage

NBC News has found footage in their archives of Trump partying and eyeing up women with child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump caught on tape partying with Jeffrey Epstein

Mika Brzezinski narrated the footage on Morning Joe, “Trump is surrounded by women as music blares in the background. After a while, trump goes to greet three new guests, among them the financier Jeffrey Epstein. More than a decade before his guilty plea on state prostitution charges. Later in the footage, Trump is seen talking to Epstein and another man as women are dancing in front of them. Trump alternates between dancing and pointing out women to Epstein and the other man and telling Epstein about the cameras. Though exactly what they say is difficult to understand as they discuss the women and their appearances, trump gestures to one and appears to say to Epstein “Look at her back there, she’s hot.” And then, Trump says something else into Epstein’s ear that makes him double over with laughter. But as the president says now, he never liked Epstein.”


Trump is trying to claim that he never liked Jeffrey Epstein, but the video tells a much different story. Trump not only liked Epstein, but he appeared to be having the time of his life hanging out with a registered sex offender.

Nothing to see here. It’s just a president who has been credibly accused raping or sexually assaulting nearly two dozen women partying with a man who ran a child sex trafficking ring and that victimized countless young girls.

This footage could make a million 2020 Democratic campaign ads, as all of Trump’s denials about Jeffrey Epstein have gone up in smoke.

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