GOP Mayor In North Carolina Throws Trump Under The Bus After Racist Rally Chant

The Republican mayor of Greenville, North Carolina – the city where Donald Trump held his racist rally on Wednesday night – threw the president under the bus on Thursday.

In a statement, GOP mayor P.J. Connelly said,  “I am extremely disappointed and disheartened by the chant that took place at the President’s rally last night.”

The full statement from Connelly’s office:

I am extremely disappointed and disheartened by the chant that took place at the President’s rally last night. Greenville is more than just a city. It is our home. It is a diverse place – a place of compassion and acceptance. An inclusive place where everyone, regardless of race, religion or political beliefs, is welcome. A place where we band together to help others who are in need. Hate will never have a place in our community. The behavior that was on display last night is not reflective of the Greenville I know and love.

Disavowing the chants and saying his city is an inclusive place where everybody is welcome is the right tone to strike following the shameful display of bigotry this week.

But while the mayor may believe his city is “a place of compassion and acceptance,” it certainly wasn’t when Donald Trump rolled into town on Wednesday night.

Trump, not just the chant, must be disavowed

Republicans are correct to disavow the racist chant that Donald Trump’s supporters spewed during his rally in Greenville this week – but it’s not nearly enough.

Donald Trump, not just the racist chant, must be disavowed, too.

Yes, it’s true that supporters of a political campaign – regardless of party – sometimes say and do things for which we can’t blame the individual candidate. But in the case of Wednesday’s chant in North Carolina, Trump is squarely to blame.

In the days leading up to the rally – even in the very moments leading up to the chant – the president was spewing the same garbage on Twitter and in his public remarks.

Over the past week, Trump was essentially giving his supporters a racist script to follow, and they followed it flawlessly when they starting chanting “send her back” about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

So no, it’s not enough to disown the vile rhetoric Trump’s supporters spewed on Wednesday night as he stood at his podium for a full 13 seconds basking in the bigotry. Donald Trump must be disavowed, too.

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