Joe Biden Calls Trump A Thug Who Has Shredded America’s Moral Fabric (UPDATED)


At a fundraiser in Los Angeles, former vice president Joe Biden called Trump a thug who has shredded the moral fabric of America.

Biden Calls Trump A Thug

According to the Biden Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

“He’s just tearing at the social fabric of this country,” Mr. Biden said. “Last night at the rally, he spoke of those four women and said we’re going to send those women back – he doesn’t realize they are going back to New York City,” he continued, as the crowd lauged. All kidding aside and then the audience started to chant “send them home, send them home.” You know, we might look at those as one of the moments that will be forgotten. Folks, our children are listening, our children are listening and it matters, it really matter. A president of the United States is the face of the country, is the face of America and what they say matters, no matter who or she is.

“What’s a teacher going to do this year when school starts and someone makes fun of or makes a derogatory comment, like he does about Mexican American kid in class or a Jewish kid who walks into shul? Why are we going to be surprised.”


He said the moral fabric of the country has been “shredded” and referred to Mr. Trump as a “flat thug” and criticized his support for Putin.

Nothing that Joe Biden said was factually inaccurate or wrong.

Trump is the face of the country and the message that he is sending to children is divisive and racist. Presidents are supposed to be moral shepherds that bring us all together and provide comfort and healing in times of crisis. Trump can’t provide comfort because he is the crisis.

Joe Biden is always at his best when he is fighting for the soul of America, and never has the country needed a warrior to save the American spirit as much as it does right now.

UPDATE: The Biden campaign has since clarified the pool report with the following paragraph:

“We have led the world not be the example of our power but by the power of our example and it’s being shredded and it’s having serious consequences — the embrace of dictators, the embrace of thugs. I’ve spent as much almost as much time with Putin as he has in very different confrontational circumstances. The guy is a kleptomaniac. Mark my words you’re going to find at some point this guy has squirreled away well over 300 billion dollars. This is a guy who is a flat thug. He’s standing on the world stage saying he believes — Trump says he believes Putin over our entire intelligence community.”

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