Nicolle Wallace Destroys Trump Racism With Clip Of Obama Singing Amazing Grace

Nicolle Wallace put into context the damage that Trump has done to the presidency by playing clips of former presidents and candidates denouncing racism and Obama singing Amazing Grace.

Nicolle Wallace uses Obama’s Amazing Grace to put Trump’s Racism into Context

Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “Even as they declined to criticize Mr. Trump. That may have something to do with trump’s half-hearted, half attempt at a half-step backward. Trump asked about the chant back saying, I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But since they just repeatedly repeated something he’s been saying now loudly and proudly for five years, it’s unclear to me what exactly he’s even pretending to distance himself from. And as we’ve said every day this week, as we’ve come on the air, it’s easy to stare at the trees and ignore the forest but it’s worth reminding ourselves how far from normal trump’s conduct is from an American leader.”

She then played clips of George W. Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama speaking out against hate and racism.

Wallace played a clip of Obama singing Amazing Grace and said, “I played that, I showed those other presidents because I think Trump benefits when we cover the news in front of us. I think he benefits when we cover the news of the day. But I think what we’re watching is the destruction of the office of the American presidency.”


Trump Always Looks Small Next To Obama

Trump’s racism is not only toxic to the country. It is damaging the US presidency. Anytime that Trump is placed next to Obama, he always looks small and vile. Obama represents what happens when class and character are brought to the presidency. Trump represents the damage that a person of bad character can do the office of the presidency. Watching Obama sing Amazing Grace is a reminder of how a president can comfort and heal a nation. Trump is what happens when a person uses the power of the office to drag a country down.

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