Trump Rehearsed and Planned Send Her Back Chant At Rally

The send her back chant that Trump is claiming to disavow was planned at the rally and rehearsed with the crowd by warm-up act Lara Trump.

Republican strategist Stuart Stevens tweeted:

Trump’s daughter in law primed the crowd to use this chant during the rally in North Carolina. Trump half-heartedly tried to claim that he didn’t approve of the chant, but he was the one who not only used the original phrase but also did nothing to stop the crowd when the chanted send her back about Rep. Omar.

Trump has made no secret about the fact that the core of his reelection strategy is racism.

Nothing happens by accident in politics.

Donald Trump is trying to run the same campaign that he ran in 2016. Send her back is the new lock her up, and Trump saying that his disapproves of the chant has made it a certainty that it will now be a fixture at every one of his rallies from now through election day.

The Trumps planned this racist attack, and they have every intention of throwing more gasoline on to that fire because it is the only path for Donald Trump to avoid indictment and remain in the White House.

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Send her back chant planned
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