Trump Is Now Making Up Fake Quotes From AOC and Ilhan Omar

Trump attributed statements to both AOC and Omar that they never said as his making up fake quotes to smear two Democratic congresswomen.

Trump makes up fake quotes from AOC and Omar

Transcript via the White House:

Q Mr. President, did the First Lady approve of your tweets about the congresswomen?

THE PRESIDENT: The First Lady feels very strongly about our country. The First Lady thinks that it’s horrible what they’ve said about Israel and horrible what they’ve said about our country — these congresswomen.

They can’t call our country and our people “garbage.” They can’t be anti-Semitic. They can’t talk about “evil Jews,” which is what they say: “evil Jews.” That’s what the First Lady thinks.


CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checked both statements from Trump:

Trump is so desperate to keep his racist dog and pony show going that he is inventing imaginary quotes that the two congresswomen never said.

Donald Trump is inventing quotes to throw gasoline on the racial hate fire.

Trump can’t discuss issues and he can’t run on accomplishments, so hate is his only option.

The president is dividing not defending America, racism is still racism even when the perpetrator tries to wrap it around the US flag.

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