Donald Trump Thinks He’s Your Favorite President

Trump threw a fit after New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called him a racist, and called himself your favorite president.

Trump Thinks He’s Your Favorite President

Trump went off over being called a racista and deemed himself your favorite president:

Trump is the least popular president in American history

Other presidents have had individual moments where their approval rating is lower than Trump’s, but no president in the history public opinion polling failed to achieve a 50% approval rating in an objective scientific poll until Donald Trump. A majority of the country has never approved of Trump, not as a candidate, and not as a president. Trump’s approval rating has risen with Republicans after racism week at the White House, but one should expect his overall approval with the rest of the country to drop.

Trump is desperate to motivate his base and divide the country as much as possible because, at heart, he knows that he is not popular. He needs to fragment the country and turn the opposition against each other to have a chance of winning.

While columnists like Friedman worry that Trump could win reelection with his racism, the president is making a classic mistake. He has unveiled his big campaign strategy too early. People tend to tune Trump out the more he obsesses over the same topics. Trump is peaking too soon, and one should expect a much different Democratic debate that will be focused on unifying the country to beat this president.

Trump is far from America’s favorite living president. That title belongs to Barack Obama.

Trump is nothing more a pretender who is trying to cover contempt with faux popularity.

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