Trump Calls His Racist Supporters Incredible Patriots

Trump flip-flopped on Friday by renewing his racist attack on Rep. Omar and calling his supporters who chanted send her back patriots.

Trump said, “I’m unhappy with a congresswoman who said anti-Semitic things. I am unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman, in this case, a different congresswoman can call our country and our people garbage. Those people in North Carolina. That stadium was packed. It was a record crowd. I could have filled it ten times as you know. Those are incredible people and incredible patriots. I am unhappy when a congresswoman goes and said I am going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s lucky to be where she is, let me tell you. The things she has said are a disgrace to our country.”


The send her back chant was planned and rehearsed at the Trump rally by Lara Trump.
Trump is never going to disavow the racism of his supporters because he views racism as his path to reelection. The Trump supporters who chanted send her back aren’t patriots. They are racists who don’t want anyone who doesn’t look like them in the United States.

Trump is helping himself with Republicans, but he is burning the Republican Party to the ground one racist statement at a time.

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