Outraged Trump Claims Melania And Ivanka Trump Are Racists

Trump called reports that his wife and daughter advised him to condemn the racist chant by his rally crowd fake news.

Trump calls reports that Melania and Ivanka were troubled by racist chants fake news

Here is how Trump responded when asked about a CBS News report that his wife and daughter were concerned about the chant:

Q What did the First Lady and Ivanka advise you about the chant? I know you guys talked about it and —

THE PRESIDENT: False information. It was fake news.

Q You never talked about it with her?

THE PRESIDENT: Nope. We — I talked about it, but they didn’t advise me. They told me, but I didn’t —

Q I’m sorry. What did they say? What did they tell you?

THE PRESIDENT: By the way, what you’re saying — fake news.


Trump rejects the idea that his family isn’t racist

Trump was calling a story fake that reported that his wife, vice president, and daughter were concerned about the racist chant at his recent North Carolina rally. Trump was suggesting that the idea that his family is not racist is fake news. Most presidents would be embracing reports that their loved ones are rejecting racism, but in the bizarro world of Donald Trump, not being a racist is a bad thing that must be disavowed.

Trump has gone all-in on racism, and he is bringing his whole family along for the ride.

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