Biden Slams MAGA Racism: Trump Is ‘More George Wallace Than George Washington’


Former vice president Joe Biden dropped a huge dose of straight talk on Donald Trump and the MAGA racism that was spewed at a campaign rally in North Carolina this week.

Biden said that while Trump likes to call himself an American hero, he more closely resembles some of the darkest figures in this country’s history.

According to Reuters, during a fundraiser in California, Biden said that Trump is “more George Wallace than George Washington.”


Wallace, of course, is most known for being a white supremacist. He was the governor of Alabama for two decades and unsuccessfully sought the presidency in 1968.

It’s often hard to tell difference between Trump’s MAGA rallies of today and George Wallace’s campaign events of the late 1960s.

As Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote this week after Trump basked in the “send her back” chants at his latest rally: “George Wallace would have been so proud.”

“That moment at a Trump campaign rally in North Carolina was the most chilling I’ve seen in American politics since the days of Wallace and the other die-hard segregationists,” Robinson added.

Joe Biden is right when he says 2020 is a fight for America’s soul

In an ideal version of America, presidential campaigns would be about two legitimate political parties proposing a substantive vision and asking voters to pick which one they believe is best.

But in the Trump era of American politics, we aren’t that country.

There is one political party, led by the most dangerous president in history, that is running a campaign strictly on minority resentment. Trump knows racism is the fuel that got him into the White House in the first place.

The other political party – the Democrats – are running on a slew of detailed policy proposals meant to lift up middle and lower-income Americans who continue to struggle, despite a rising stock market and shrinking unemployment rate. They are running on a platform that includes all Americans, regardless of race or religion or sexual orientation.

But the 2020 campaign will not just be a debate about which policies will provide better-paying jobs or cheaper health care or a cleaner environment. In order to defeat Trump, we have to recognize that this election is not just another election.

As Joe Biden said from the moment he launched his presidential campaign earlier this year, the 2020 campaign will be a fight for the soul of America.

That became as clear as ever this week.

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