Deranged Trump Thinks His Approval Rating Is 65%

Donald Trump reminded the country how out of touch he is on Saturday by claiming in a Twitter post that, despite what the polls say, his approval rating is somewhere between 60 to 65 percent.

In the tweet, Trump cited Rasmussen’s latest survey that puts his approval rating at 50 percent (still too high), but said, “You can add 10% or 15% to this number. Economy doing better than EVER before.”

Rasmussen was the least accurate poll in 2018

Trump loves to tout Rasmussen polling, especially when they show him in the 50s, but what he doesn’t mention is just how inaccurate the pollster has been. They have consistently shown a pro-Trump bias.

As I noted earlier this month, the final national poll Rasmussen poll conducted during the 2018 election cycle was 10 percentage points off in favor of the Republicans.

So if anything, you can subtract 10 percent from the number Trump touted, and his approval rating would be closer to the average, which continues to sit in a pretty unimpressive low 40s.

America is done with Donald Trump

Despite what the deranged president tweeted on Saturday, the American people are done with Donald Trump. Most of the country has been done with him since before he was even elected without winning the popular vote.

But recent polling against hypothetical 2020 candidates confirms that voters are looking for a way out of this national nightmare. In fact, Trump is even trailing a generic Democratic candidate in three key southern states that he won in 2016 – North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Of course, the election is still more than a year away. It will certainly be competitive as Trump doubles down on his strategy to bring the campaign into the dirt and drive his opponent’s likeability ratings into the ground in an attempt to squeak by with another Electoral College victory.

But Donald Trump never – not even in his 2016 election victory – had the support of a majority of Americans. He never will.

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