Trump Is Already In A Hole As 53% Of Americans Refuse To Vote For Him In 2020

Donald Trump is already in a world of trouble heading into 2020 as a majority of the American people say that they will “definitely vote against” him in next year’s general election.

According to a new NPR/PBS/Marist poll, just 44 percent of the country said they approve of Trump’s job performance. But the number that should concern the president is 53 – the percentage of voters who say they refuse to cast their ballot for Trump next year.

That number is slightly higher among independent voters with 54 percent of the key voting bloc saying they won’t be voting for Trump in 2020. Overall, just 42 percent of independents believe the president is doing a good job.

The economy won’t help Trump in 2020

While most incumbent presidents would get a boost from the current economy, the polling shows that Donald Trump’s fate seems to be completely detached from the economic conditions that he inherited from Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

According to NPR, over 65 percent of the survey’s respondents said that the economy is working well for them, which is 21 points higher than the number of Americans who approve of Trump’s job performance.

In other words, Trump will need to do more than tout the economy in order to win reelection. It simply isn’t translating to votes for him.

Based on the issues, Joe Biden might be in the best position to win

When it comes to the issues, the NPR/PBS/Marist survey shows that a majority of the country broadly supports the Democratic Party’s agenda – as long as it doesn’t drift too far to the extreme left.

When it comes to one of the biggest debates among Democratic primary candidates – whether to do away with private insurance in favor of a Medicare for all system – voters most closely align with the position that Joe Biden has outlined in recent days.

According to the survey, 70 percent support a plan similar to Biden’s, which would give all Americans the chance to opt into Medicare but not completely do away with private insurance options. Just 41 percent of voters favor a plan that would do away with private health insurance, a proposal that Sen. Bernie Sanders has championed.

Ultimately, if healthcare is the biggest concern of voters in 2020, as it was in 2018, Democrats will want to nominate a candidate that has broad support on the issue. If the polling is true, Joe Biden might be that candidate.

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