NAACP Unanimously Supports Impeachment One Day After Trump Says African-Americans Will Vote For Him

At the national convention in Detroit, the NAACP unanimously supported a resolution calling for the impeachment of Trump.

NAACP Unanimously Supports Trump Impeachment

Mlive reported:
Each year, the NAACP appoints delegates to vote on resolutions that set its policies and actions for the upcoming year. A resolution to call for Trump’s impeachment was unanimously supported at the 2019 convention in downtown Detroit.


The resolution passed Tuesday declares Trump is “unmindful of the high duties of his office,” including the need to “secure harmony and respect for stability within society of the United States.”

“Donald John Trump has, with his bigoted statements, done more than simply insult individuals and groups of Americans,” the NAACP resolution reads. “He has harmed the American society by attempting to convert his bigoted statements into United States policy.”

The unanimous support for impeachment came one day after Trump claimed that African-Americans will vote for him.

Trump Thinks African-Americans Will Vote For Him

On Monday, Trump said, “No racial tension. I had my best numbers recently because of the economy of what I have done for the African-American. When you look at the African-Americans are doing better than they ever done in our country, we are creating numbers, look at the poverty numbers and so many — look at the unemployment numbers, the best they ever had. We had fantastic relationships with the African-American community. Certainly, you will see that in 2020.”


African-Americans are not going to vote for Donald Trump. In fact, vast majorities want to see him impeached.

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