Trump Holds The Record For Most Indictments This Early In His Term

Trump loves records, but here is one that he won’t be bragging about. Donald Trump holds the record for most aides indicted during a first presidential term in US history.

Trump has had more aides indicted than any other president in their first term

MSNBC’s Ari Melber said on his show The Beat, “Here are a few in terms of what the special counsel probe actually did legally. Charges against 34 people and three Russian companies. Charges against several advisers and aides to Donald Trump, a remarkable string of indictments in Trump world that is sometimes forgotten about this in this chaotic era, but consider it compared with other presidencies tonight. Richard Nixon 12 aides charged in watergate, Clinton saw three associates charged mostly from Whitewater in the eight years in office, Obama went eight years without facing a special counsel or any indictments of aides. Donald Trump holds the record for the most indictments this early in his term. Six former advisers or aides. These facts are a product of our system, of an independent probe led by Bob Mueller. Donald Trump has the highest rate of indictment for his Ates than any president in history. Would you have the same result if Barr had been the attorney general the whole time?”


Trump is setting records. He holds the record for never having an approval rating above 50%. He holds the record for the longest time without a presidential briefing, and now he has the most aides indicted of any first-term president.

Trump hasn’t drained the swamp. He has led a crime wave that has consumed Washington.

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