Robert Mueller Destroys Trump’s Claims That He Is Conflicted

Robert Mueller wrecked Trump’s claims that he is conflicted and biased in his investigation.

Here was the Mueller exchange with Rep. Hank Johnson:

Q: Now, you had no conflicts of interest that required your removal. Isn’t that a fact?

Mueller: That’s correct.

Q: And, in fact, Don McGahn advised the president that the asserted conflicts were, in his words, silly and not real conflicts. Isn’t that true?

Mueller: I refer to the report on that episode.

Q: Well, page 85 of volume 2 speaks to that. And also, Director Mueller, DOJ ethics officials confirmed that you had no conflicts that would prevent you from serving as special counsel, isn’t that correct?

Mueller: That’s correct.

Q: But despite Don McGahn and the department of justice guidance, around May 23rd, 2017, the president, quote, prodded McGahn to complain to deputy attorney general Rosenstein about these supposed conflicts of interest, correct?

Mueller: Correct.


With passing minute of this hearing, all of Trump’s false claims about Mueller and his report are being disproven, as the president’s lies and crimes are being put on full display.

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