Rudy Giuliani Shows Trump’s Terror By Calling Mueller An Idiot

Trump’s TV lawyer Rudy Guiliani showed up on Trump TV (Fox and Friends) to call Robert Mueller an idiot before the former special counsel testifies.


Giuliani said, ” Saw him once. He showed up once. Kinda made an idiot of himself. Didn’t know … stuff. I was shocked. I called John Dowd later. I said, ‘I remember this guy 20, 30 years ago. What happened to him?’ He said, “He doesn’t pay much attention to it.”

Anyone who has even glanced at the Mueller report can see that he knows, ‘stuff.’ Mueller was meticulous and hands-on.

Giuliani was engaging in a classic case of projection. It is Rudy Giuliani who doesn’t know anything and seemed to be totally out of touch with reality.

Trump’s lawyer’s comments are proof that they are terrified of what Robert Mueller will say today to the nation.

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