Mueller Reveals That Trump And His Associates Are Still Under FBI Investigation

Robert Mueller said that he couldn’t answer questions about the area of potential Russian blackmail vulnerability because Trump associates are still under investigation.

The FBI Is Still Investigating Trump Associates

Q: Since it was outside the purview of your investigation, your report does not address how Flynn’s false statements could pose a national security risk because the Russians knew the falsity of those statements, right?

Mueller: I cannot get into that, mainly because there are many elements of the FBI that are looking at different aspects of that issue.

Q: Currently?

Mueller: Currently.


It was speculated that the FBI is trying to prevent any Nunes leak to Trump of any current investigations:

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been sounding the alarm bells for years about the potential for Trump to be blackmailed by the Russians. The FBI isn’t going to brief the Gang of Eight because they know that what they will go from Devin Nunes’ mouth to Trump’s ear.

Mueller’s probe was one part of the investigative process. There are other investigations going on. Just because the public doesn’t hear about them, doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening. Donald Trump may be in more legal jeopardy than anyone realizes. The 2020 election could decide if Trump spends his remaining days in the White House or the big house.

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