Trump Loses It And Yells At Reporters When Asked About Being Indicted

Trump blew a gasket when reporters asked him if he was worried about being indicted after he leaves office.

Trump screamed at NBC’s Hallie Jackson that she is one of the worst and fake news after she asked him about being indicted. Trump then berated a second reporter who followed up:

Trump proclaimed Wikileaks to be a hoax. He also called reporters fake news and the worst, and he tried to say that Mueller corrected himself on indicting the president, which Mueller did jot do.

Mueller did say that Trump can be indicted after he leaves office:

Trump is clearly terrified of being indicted. He is also completely detached from reality. When Trump is confronted with the truth of his situation, his first and only reaction is to throw a temper tantrum. Robert Mueller did not exonerate Trump. The President Of The United States is clearly not living in the same world as the rest of us, and when confronted with spending the rest of his life in jail, Trump freaked out.

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