Fox News Demand Obama Be Investigated For Trump’s Russia Crimes

Fox News is calling for an investigation into former President Obama the day after Mueller’s testimony about Trump and Russia.

Fox News wants Obama Investigated For Trump’s Crimes


BRIAN KILMEADE: Mark, I want to get to the role of President Obama. Now what’s underplayed is the amount of mutual dislike that President Obama has for President Trump, dating back to that Washington correspondents’ dinner. All his mocking, he says you’ll never be president. Then he becomes president. We know about a disingenuous thought when he came out and said, I found out about Hillary Clinton’s private email on press reports. But when we found out they were interacting with each other on those own personal emails. What makes you think that President Obama knew all about the investigation into Donald Trump?

MARK LEVIN: Well let’s put it the other way, how could he not? And if he didn’t know about all that was going on at the Department of Justice, the FBI, his intelligence agencies, the unmasking of American citizens, then where the hell was he? He’s the president of the United States. I can’t believe Valerie Jarrett didn’t know about these things, she had her fingers everywhere. I can’t believe Comey didn’t tip off the president of the United States, they were buddies, or Loretta Lynch didn’t tip off the president of the —

Republicans claim that everything is fine after Robert Mueller’s testimony, but the reactions of Trump and Fox News reveal that things are far from fine. Trump learned his political tactics from watching Fox News, so it makes perfect sense that his go-to move when in trouble is to blame Barack Obama. When things are bad for Trump, Fox News can always be counted on to blame former President Obama.

It is what they do, so ignore the spin from the media, and focus on behaviors.

Trump is screaming at reporters, and slurring his words, while Fox News is trying to blame Obama for potential crimes that were committed by Donald Trump.

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