Jerry Nadler Says Democrats Could Launch Impeachment Proceedings During 2020 Campaign

Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler, chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, said on Thursday that Democrats aren’t afraid to launch impeachment proceedings in an election year if that’s where the facts lead them.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the Democratic lawmaker said the House of Representatives is not concerned about the timing as much as they are about lining up all the facts before they pull the trigger on impeachment.

“Does he deserve to go? Of course, he deserves to go,” Rep. Nadler said. “We have to finish the job of amassing enough evidence before the American people.”

When Matthews pushed the congressman on whether Democrats would still be willing to move on impeachment in 2020, Nadler said, “Yes.”

He added, “We’re already moving. It’s not a question of starting anything. The hearing we held yesterday with Mr. Mueller was part of it. Our continuing hearings that we’re going to be holding are part of it. Getting the evidence in front of the American people is part of it. Going to court in order to enable us to do that is part of it. It’s all part of the process.”


Democrats all agree: Trump must go

Even though much of the recent political coverage focuses on some Democrats wanting to move faster than others on the question of impeachment, the party is in agreement on the fact that Trump must go.

As Rep. Nadler said on Thursday, there is no question that Trump deserves to get booted from office. The question, however, is what strategy will be most effective in doing that.

As of now, most Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, believe that following an orderly process, holding hearings, gathering evidence and presenting the facts to the American people is the best route to take.

As Jerry Nadler said on Thursday, Democrats aren’t afraid to dive into impeachment proceedings in an election year if that’s where the process takes them.

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