Mitch McConnell Personally Blocks Effort To Secure US Elections From Russian Attack

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tried to get unanimous consent on a bill that would protect America’s elections from attack, but Mitch McConnell objected.

Video of Schumer:

Sen. Schumer said that the already passed House bill would:

– This legislation passed the House nearly a month ago. It would provide immediate resources for states to modernize their election infrastructure and establish a consistent funding stream to maintain it. The states say they need more money.

– It would require the use of paper ballots. Almost every expert agrees that that is needed to protect our elections from manipulation. Because if they manipulate the machines, the paper ballots will be a safeguard.

– It would require states to conduct post-election risk-limiting audits.

– And it would shore up the cybersecurity of voting systems and ensure that election technology vendors are held to the highest standards so the Russians or anyone else can hack into these
machines and interfere.

Mitch McConnell objected:

Russia has been paying back Mitch McConnell

McConnell got a $200 million investment in Kentucky from a Russian oligarch, which when you are the most hated Senator in America with your own constituents has to help McConnell’s bid to keep his hold on power.

Mitch McConnell is violating his oath of office by refusing to protect the United States of America. The Russians bought themselves a president, but they also own a Senate Majority Leader. There is no good reason for McConnell to block securing US elections. The Majority Leader knows that Republicans can’t win a secure and fair election. Just like Trump, McConnell understands that his own path to staying in power involves keeping the election back door open for Russian attacks.

It’s un-American. It’s wrong, and it is exactly what Mitch McConnell is doing.

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