Trump Breaks Down Into Gibberish And Mangles His Words During Pentagon Speech

Concerns about Trump’s health are growing as the president mangled his words and was impossible to understand during parts of his speech at the Pentagon.

Day After Mueller Testifies Trump Mangles His Words

Here is Trump with a sentence that makes no sense:

Trump appears to say, “and the combat infratroopen badge for his service.”

Trump calls lawmakers “lawmarkers:”

Trump said, ” He has worked in both houses of Congress advising lawmarkers. I can see he had some talent because he won. Was it ninety-eight to what? No, you got ninety right? Can you believe it?”

Republicans are trying to claim that Mueller’s testimony was a great day for Trump, but Donald Trump is showing signs of not being able to take the stress. He is low energy, mangling his words, and clearly unable to handle the job and the stress of the presidency. Trump is falling apart, and this broken down unhealthy human wants you to give him four more years in the White House.

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