Trump Throws A Fit After Fox News Poll Shows Him Getting Blown Out By Biden

Trump threw a fit on Twitter and attacked Fox News after they released a poll showing him losing to Joe Biden by ten points.

Trump is freaking out over losing to Biden

Trump tweeted:

Trump was triggered by a new Fox News poll showing him trailing Joe Biden by ten points 49%-39%. Trump has been in a panic for months over the prospect of facing Joe Biden in the general election. Trump has even taken over the Republican Party in Pennsylvania to stop Biden from winning the Keystone State in November 2020, which won’t work because Pennsylvania has a strong affection for Biden.

Trump is afraid because Joe Biden runs extremely well with the white and male voters that helped Trump eke out victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Trump wants to run the exact same election as 2016, but he won’t be able to do it if he is running against Joe Biden. Trump wants to against a socialist, a woman, or a minority. They all play into his divisive attacks in a way that Biden does not.

The president’s meltdown at Fox News shows that Trump can’t handle the reality of his potential 2020 defeat.

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