Mitch McConnell Betrays America And Refuses To Block Russian Attacks

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) claimed that Democratic efforts to secure America’s elections from Russian attacks are modern-day McCarthyism.

Mitch McConnell Calls Efforts To Secure Elections From Russian Attacks McCarthyism


McConnell said on the Senate floor:

This administration thanks in large part to the efforts of DNI Dan Coats whom I was very sorry to hear is stepping down has increased and improved our intelligence collection on these threats. It’s enlisted more help from the private sector to identify foreign influence campaigns. It’s worked closely with foreign allies and partner who is face similar threats from Russia. It’s imposed a real cost on Russia for its misdeeds and cut down on the ability of Russian intelligence to operate inside our country.

In particular, the Department of Homeland Security has deployed special capabilities in all 50 states for detecting malign cyber activity. It’s deployed cybersecurity advisers all across our country. It operates national C security and supports an election infrastructure information sharing and analysis center. Among the many offerings to the state, DHS offers cybersecurity assessments, detention, and prevention tool, training and career development for election officials. All free of charge. Using the hundred of millions of dollars congress sent to the states which I proudly voted for and supported, the authorities who actually conduct our elections front lines have gotten themselves better prepared. This is a long list of significant achievements. Achievements that my democratic colleagues applauded and cheered behind closed doors when the administration briefed us a few weeks ago, but in public, in public, in front of cameras some of my colleagues quickly pivoted right back into accusations that only fan the flames of this modern-day McCarthyism

Moscow Mitch downplays the Russian attack on the US

The difference between the Red Scare of the 1950s and today is that the Mueller report and the intelligence community have confirmed that the United States is under attack from Russia. This isn’t up for debate. The Russian attack is a fact. McConnell is trying to downplay and diminish the threat to US election security because Russian interference might be the only way that Trump stays in the White House and Republicans keep their Senate majority.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough recently nicknamed McConnell “Moscow Mitch.” The Russians have paid McConnell very well for his efforts to keep the US vulnerable. The Senate Majority lived up to the Moscow Mitch nickname by vowing to keep Americans elections open to attack.

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