Bernie Sanders Calls Out Jake Tapper For Using A Republican Talking Point At Democratic Debate


CNN’s Jake Tapper used a Republican talking point as the basis for a question on healthcare, and Bernie Sanders called him out.



Tapper used some Republican talking points on Medicare for All and Sanders called him out, “What I am talking about, and others up here are talking about is no deductibles and no co-payments and Jake, your question is a Republican talking point. At the end of the day and by the way, and by the way, by the way, the health care industry will be advertising tonight on this program — .”

The problem of the media using Republican talking points is an epidemic, and it was nice to see one of the Democratic candidates call it out. It doesn’t matter if you support a public option or Medicare for All. Democrats should have a right to a debate that is free of Republican talking points, and it would be nice if every single candidate called out these types of questions when they see it.