5 House Republicans Have Retired In The Last 2 Weeks Because Trump Looks Doomed In 2020

In a sign that Republicans are expecting a rough 2020 election with Trump at the top of the ticket, five popular House Republicans have picked retirement over running with Trump.

Republicans would rather retire than lose with Trump

Jake Sherman tweeted:

These retirements are the canary in the coal mine for Republicans. If the incumbents thought they could win, they would run again. The message being sent is that they don’t want to go down with the Trump ship next November. It is also a signal that Republican incumbents think the odds are good that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats keep the House in 2020. When incumbents bail on an incumbent president who is running for reelection, it is an omen that they don’t think the president is going to win reelection.

Speaker Pelosi has a strategy to have the House locked up for Democrats by the end of this year.

House Republicans are looking at being underfunded and ignored by their own party, as the GOP’s priorities will be reelecting Trump and keeping control of the Senate. The flight of incumbent House Republicans is a warning that Democrats could be on a roll in 2020.

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