Joe Biden Comes Out Sharper As CNN Debate Has A Totally Different Tone


Joe Biden came out much stronger and on his game, as Sen. Kamala Harris is on the defensive in the second night of the CNN debate.

While discussing the Harris healthcare plan, Biden said, “My response is the senator had several plans so far, and any time someone tells you you’re going to get something good in ten years, you should wonder why it takes ten years. If you notice, there is no talk that the plan in ten years will cost $3 trillion. You will lose your employer-based insurance and in fact, you know, this is the single most important issue facing the public and be very blunt and to be very straightforward, you can’t beat president trump with doubletalk on this plan.”

Harris responded, ” Vice president Biden you’re simply inaccurate. The reality is our plan will bring health care to all Americans under a medicare for all system. Our plan will allow people to start signing up on the first day, babies will be born into our plan and right now, 4 million babies almost are born every day — or every year in America under our plan we will ensure everyone has access to health care. Your plan, by contrast, leaves out almost 10 million Americans. So I think that you should really think about what you’re saying but be reflective and understand that the people of America want access to health care and do not want cost to be their barrier to getting it.”


Biden came back with, “The plan no matter how you cut it costs $3 trillion when it is in fact employed. Number one. Ten years from now, after two terms of the senator being president. After her time. Secondly, it will require middle-class taxes to go up, not down. Thirdly, it will eliminate employer-based insurance. And fourthly, what happens in the meantime?”

The script has flipped. Biden has come out aggressively, and Kamala Harris is looking like she wasn’t prepared to be a target of so many of the candidates. This is a much different debate than what the country witnessed a month ago.