Lindsey Graham Is So Scared Of Trump Impeachment That He’s Threatening The House

Sen. Lindsey Graham warns that there would be collateral damage if the House tries to impeach Donald Trump.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

The real meaning of what Lindsey Graham was saying to the House

Besides the fact that Senator Graham was warning House Democrats not to impeach his new political daddy, there was a serious threat in his statement. Graham was saying that if House Democrats impeach Trump, the Senate is going to freeze the House out. There will be no more legislation from the House that will get passed in the Senate. Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority will ignore everything that comes out of the House, including articles of impeachment.

The only constitutional requirement is that a trial is held on articles of impeachment. Theoretically, McConnell could hold a trial in an hour, have Senate Republicans vote not to convict, and impeachment ends with a whimper.

House Democrats need to ask themselves how much different life would really be if Senate Republicans ignored them. McConnell is refusing to bring House-passed bills the Senate floor for a vote, so what would House Democrats really be losing?

Republicans are very worried about impeachment, and Lindsey Graham’s words should be read not as a warning but as an expression of fear.

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