Trump Embarrasses Himself After He’s Asked To Explain What He’s Done To Stop School Shootings

Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that his most difficult days in the White House are when a school shooting takes place.

During an interview with C-SPAN, he couldn’t name a single thing – other than a report he kept rambling about – to prevent school shootings and other gun violence.

“You know, we did a report,” Trump said. “The Florida shooting was horrible. … And we did a report. And they really appreciated the report. ”


Trump said:

When you have a school shooting, it’s tremendously – it angers me actually. It really angers me. It frustrates everybody. You say how could a thing like this happen? How it is possible? When you see innocent children being killed, teachers. That’s something that you just never can really get over. And you say is there something we can do? What can we do? … Well, you can do a lot of things we’ve done. You know, we did a report. The Florida shooting was horrible. … And we did a report. And they really appreciated the report. We did it with them and with experts. And I’m going to give you a copy of it. … There were a lot of red flags with that shooter. I think they said there were 36 red flags. … People didn’t do what they should have done. … So those are events that really are tough to take when you’re the president of a country.

Donald Trump is owned by the National Rifle Association

Some of the most deadly shootings have taken place during the Trump presidency, from Parkland to Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs.

While it’s stunning to most Americans that these massacres continue to take place with no urgency by lawmakers to take any meaningful action, it’s less surprising when you take a look at just how much money the NRA poured into electing Trump and other Republican candidates in 2016.

As I wrote after more than two dozen people were gunned down in Sutherland Springs, Texas two years ago, the NRA spent more than $50 million on Trump and other GOP politicians in 2016. It’s an investment that has paid off, too, as the president and his allies in Congress continue to do nothing, even as the body count grows.

Any compassion Donald Trump thought he showed on Tuesday by talking about school shootings immediately evaporated when he couldn’t name a single thing he’s done to prevent such tragedies.

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