Kamala Harris’ Praise Of Obama For Healthcare Will Drive Trump Nuts

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) spoke the truth and praised Obama for doing what no other has done by reforming the healthcare system.

Harris said in Detroit, “I have nothing but praise for President Obama. I think he did great work. We talked about the health care system, Dolores talked about that. Many presidents before him tried to reform America’s health care system. He actually got it done. My proposal is about taking it to the next step. But with all righteous and due credit to President Obama for putting us on the path where actually this next step is even possible.”


Obama is the reason why Democrats can even have this debate about healthcare

Sen. Harris was one hundred percent correct. Barack Obama is the reason why Democrats can have the debate on healthcare that they are having today. There would be no discussion of the next step after the ACA without President Obama. Democrats were gun shy after the Clinton healthcare reform failed in the 1990s, and it took Obama along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid having the courage to put it all on the line to improve and extend the lives of millions of Americans.

There wouldn’t be a Medicare for All discussion without Obama. Obamacare has been around for almost a decade now, and sometimes one suspects that some people have forgotten what the health insurance system was like pre-ACA.

Donald Trump tried to repeal Obamacare and failed. Trump has had no healthcare reform policy passed during his administration. Obama was successful where Trump and every other president failed.

It drives Trump crazy that he can’t get rid of Obamacare because it is a constant reminder of Obama’s superiority as a president.

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