MSNBC Tunes Out Of Trump’s Ohio Rally As They Refuse To Air More ‘Send Her Back Crap’

As Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio kicked off on Thursday, MSNBC refused – again – to air the event live.

MSNBC host Chris Matthew said he expected Trump and his crowd to spew more “send her back crap.” If his supporters started chanting more racist rhetoric, the MSNBC host doubted that Trump would have a “John McCain moment” and put a stop to it.

“President Trump’s holding a campaign rally right now as we speak in Cincinnati. Are we going to hear more of that send her back crap? That chant?” Matthews said. “If so, will Trump do anything to discourage it? Will we have perhaps, in a million years maybe, a John McCain moment when he says no?”


Trump rallies are no longer must-see TV

Historically, Trump held these types of rallies because he knew they would capture wall-to-wall media attention. As MSNBC and other cable outlets –aside from Fox News – continue to show, his campaign events are no longer must-see television.

The country is sick of watching a grown man stand behind a podium and whine like a toddler about what a victim he is. They’re also disgusted by the racist rhetoric being spewed from that podium by the president and by the people surrounding him.

When Trump first hit the political scene, everything he said and did was hard to look away from – like a gruesome car accident you can’t help but watch.

But the act has worn thin. The American people are tuning it out. The only people who care to listen are those inside the arenas wearing red caps and the folks outside who feed themselves a steady diet of Fox News.

Unfortunately for Trump, that’s not enough to win a presidential election.

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