Trump Throws A Fit After His Stooge Pick To Be DNI Withdraws

Trump’s effort to appoint a stooge to oversee the nation’s intelligence community was dealt a defeat as Rep. John Ratcliffe has withdrawn from consideration to be DNI.

Trump tweeted:

Ratcliffe was doomed by Republican senators, not the media

The media had nothing to do with why John Ratcliffe withdrew his name from consideration. Republican senators varied from lukewarm to openly expressing reservations about voting for the Texas Congressman with no intelligence experience to be the next Director of National Intelligence.

Trump forced Dan Coats out and picked Ratcliffe because the congressman was critical of Robert Mueller during the former special counsel’s testimony. Trump’s little fit toward the media was a classic example of the president’s failures always being the fault of others.

Ratcliffe probably didn’t have the votes to be confirmed in the Senate without a fight, so he bailed, and didn’t wait to be voted down, and the blame for this embarrassment belongs to the president who nominated him, not the media.

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