The El Paso Shooter Is Reportedly A Trump Supporter

The El Paso shooter has been identified and information from his social media accounts suggests that he was a Trump supporter who wanted to build the wall.

The shooter who has been identified, but will not be named by this author scrubbed his social media accounts in the hours before the mass murder, but one tweet was found:

There is a racist manifesto circulating on social media, but its authenticity has not been confirmed by law enforcement.

What we are able to confirm is that s shooter who killed 18 innocent people was a supporter of Donald Trump’s agenda, which makes sense within the context of a young man who is reportedly from Dallas driving to El Paso to carry out his mass killing.

Trump held a rally in El Paso in February where one of his supporters attacked a cameraman. Elected leaders in El Paso passed a resolution calling out Trump’s lies about their community, and later these same local officials sued Trump for damaging the city’s economy and reputation.

Given this context, it makes sense that El Paso would be targeted by a Trump supporter. If this information is correct it is another example of one of the president’s supporters taking his racist rhetoric and using it as a justification for mass violence.
Trump’s silence on this shooting has been deafening, and given that the shooter might be one of his supporters, Trump’s relative quiet makes sense now.

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