Trump Offers No Sympathy To El Paso Shooting Victims

Trump finally got around to saying something about the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, and his statement contained no sympathy for the victims.

Trump tweeted:

Trump was more interested in making it look like he was working instead of what he is really doing, which is hanging out at his private golf club. Trump also said more than local officials have been willing to say by publicly acknowledging that many people have died. Unconfirmed reports suggest the death toll might be in the dozens.

The President Of The United States has no feelings or emotions about the fact that people who he has taken an oath to protect have died in a mass shooting while he and Republicans in the Senate refuse to take any action against gun violence.

Even if Trump did not want to make a political statement, any president should express sympathy for the victims and their families during a time of tragedy.

Trump has failed in many ways as president, but the failure that is most likely to get him tossed out of office is his total inability to act like a human being.

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